Project partners 2009

Project coordinator:

IDEWE, External prevention service for safety and health at work, Belgium
Prof. Dr. Veerle Hermans, Department Head of Ergonomics
Roeland Motmans, European Ergonomist
Pieter Claes, Coordinator Digital Media

Project partners:

Loughborough University, UK
Prof. David O’Neill, Visiting Fellow Departement of Ergonomics

CIOP, Poland
Dr. Danuta Roman-Liu, Manager of the Biomechanics Laboratory
Tomas Tokarski, Ergonomist

Swedisch University Agricultural Sciences, Sweden
Prof. Peter Lundqvist, Head of the division Work Science at the Department
of Agricultural Biosystems and Technology
Dr. Stefan Pinzke

GEOPA-COPA, European Farmers – Europan Agri-cooperatives Agnes Luycx, Senior Policy Advisor

Supporting partner
EFFAT, European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism Trade Union

Project phases
Preparation phase:

Collection of information regarding:
prevalence of MSD in agriculture
research studies and already available good practices (XLS file)
Preliminary contacts with social partners and other relevant organisations or institutes
Definition of a good practice: focus on case study examples, product information. Based on
report from the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. Cross-checking by the other partners before publication in the brochure.
Definition of the list of observation tasks:
Tractor driving
Milking cows
Ground level manual crops, outside
Sorting and grading, packaging
Harvesting of tree fruit

Observational visits:
Based on the Déparis method of the participatory SOBANE strategy (Malchaire, 2007), information was gathered with the farmers on MSD risks of each of the tasks and the possible solutions to prevent or reduce them. A fixed format was made to summarize the findings.
Several visits were organized, taking into account seasonal differences regarding daily working practices. The outcomes of the visits were individual descriptions and the summary brochure per task.

Number of visits
  • 103 visits to farms or farming companies were organised resulting in more than 100 good practices.

Several meetings were attended/organised by the project partners in the respective country.

Dissemination of information
Based on all the collected information, a summary of good practices was formulated per chosen task and presented in brochures (link brochures);
These brochures and other gathered information from several member states is presented on this website so that all social partners working in agriculture can find information on how to prevent or reduce MSD.
End seminar At the end of the project, all EU social partners were invited to the seminar were the results of the project were presented.

project partners 2009