Good Practices - Sorting, grading, packaging

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file_pdf copy Sorting and packaging (ENG)
file_pdf copy Sorteren en verpakken (NL)

file_pdf copy Trier et emballer (FR)


Correct high of work-surface by using wooden board, fruits boxes and hand gloves (Pears sorting)
Changing work sites, elimination man’s work and support chair/base (Apples sorting)
A foot step/base or a gum mat to adjust a work surface height to individual worker (Apples sorting)
Elimination manual man’s work (Transporting the cartoon boxes with fruits and laying them down on a pallet)
Correct height of work surface – a boxes tower and a lift platform (Sorting and laying down the cartoon boxes with fruits on a pallet)

Modification of work surface angle and an erector of empty trays (Sorting and packing apples)
Work surface during the manual sorting (Apples’ sorting)


Fruit sorting - apple