Good Practices - Milking Cows

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file_pdf copy Milking Cows (EN)
file_pdf copy Melken van koeien (NL)
file_pdf copy Traire les vaches (FR)

Central placement of the roll of paper
Bucket on rail with roll of paper
Bucket on cart with roll of paper
Robot brushes the teats
Robot cleans teats by lukewarm water
Central bucket with moistered paper in rotary milking parlour
Adjustable floor height
50° herringbone parlour
Side by side parlour
Tandem parlour
Claw release button on knee level
Lift claws to release cord
Spray bottle with desinfectant
Spray bottle with desinfectant 2
Robot sprays automatically desinfectant
Cord or lever to open gate
Robot with automatically opening doors
Water hose with pistol grip 1
Water hose with pistol grip 2
Water hose with pistol grip 3
Robot automatically cleans the floor
Pressure washer
Power driven manure slide
Manure slide mounted on a mini-bulldozer
Electrical manure slide
Robot scraper or mobile barn-cleaner
Hair removing brush
Cow udder burner or flame clipping
Tractor wheels for redistributing fodder
Bulldozer for distributing fodder
Tractor with shovle for redistributing fodder
Self drive rotating broom
Rapid exit system
Beam on the floor of the parlour
Heigth adjustable floor in the parlour
Automatic animal recognition
Opening the gates

Small chair
Small table
Small chair-support chest or bucket
Table for cleaning milk barrel

Adjustable Floor
Support Arm
Light Weigth Cluster and Tube
Hanging Basket and Cart
Milking rail
Perforated Rubber Matting
Milking chair
Robotic Milking System
Correct Working Techniques

Placement of clean towels
Spring-loaded, long-travel arm
Desinfectant in cluster
Closed-circuit television
Comfortable mat
Arm guard to protect from kicks
Water sprayers
Teat dipping/desinfecting
Cow entry

Hoof trimming
Attaching the clusters
Udder cleaning
Yard cleaning
Workstation design