Some reports are presented that give an overview of the agriculture sector.

Basics sector

General characteristics of the agriculture sector are described by the comparative study from L. Chivu, C. Constantin and D. Preda (2005) for the European Foundation for Working and Living Conditions. This comparative study examined industrial relations in the agriculture sector. The following characteristics are described:

  • basic employment and economic data
  • the agriculture social partners
  • agricultural area
  • mechanisation

Eurofound facts

The Fact Sheet Agriculture and Fishing of the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working conditions presents a snapshot of working conditions in the agriculture (including hunting and forestry) and fishing sector (based on the European Working Conditions Survey of 2005). An overview is given of favourable and unfavourable working conditions. The workers seem to be particularly exposed to ergonomic risks!

Social partners

In the report “Representativeness of the social partners: agricultural sectorof the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, the operations of social partner organisations and collective bargaining in the sector is examined. First, an overview of the agricultural
sector’s economic background is given, followed by an analysis of the social partners organizations and relevant European associations

Basics MSD US

Davis (2007) presents a review of the injuries and disorders in the Agricultural Sector in the United States. Prevalence and risk factors for injuries, musculoskeletal disorders of the back and of the upper extremities are described. Furthermore, an overview of the different initiatives are given. From this paper it is clear that not only in Europe Agriculture suffers of high MSD prevalence rates. A brief summary is given of this paper, as the original reference